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Spring Break Trip & Meeting Cancelled

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse at Mar 10, 2020 8:57AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Varsity Lacrosse Players:
I am sad to report that BVSD has canceled all out-of-state trips to certain places including California. I am well aware of how much of an inconvenience to everyone this is, especially families that planned on traveling to support their sons. The Auday Family like many, is in this boat. Both my wife and daughter planned on joining our senior and also having a vacation.

Nearly all Colorado teams that made plans for San Diego have canceled. Kent, Regis, all the Creek Schools (including Cherry Creek and Dakota Ridge), Mullen, Erie, and all of Saint Vrain schools. I am guessing all the remaining schools will follow suit. (The official school message is appended at the bottom of this note)

All that being said, schools are scurrying to find games during spring break so that their league season and other important games will not be impacted. Our team will huddle up today and discuss team and player expectations.

So far we have scheduled:
-Erie Tuesday, March 24 (Home/Away will be determined by a coin flip)
-Away at Mullen Thursday, March 26

I am on the phone trying to get a third game. As soon as we firm up dates and times I will put this out.

I feel bad for our seniors as this has always been a staple of our program.

Coach Auday

Official BVSD note:

Dear Parents and players,

In conjunction with recommendations from our local health departments, BVSD has made a decision on upcoming travel in order to protect students and staff. We feel that the below steps are warranted because of the growing health risks that could affect our students and out of concerns that they could be detained far from home. As of now (3/9/2020):
a) School-sponsored trips to CDC Level 2 and 3 Countries will be Canceled.
b) School-sponsored trips to states that have declared a State of Emergency will be canceled. As of 3/9/2020, that includes trips to:

  • Washington
  • California
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • New York
  • Maryland
  • Utah
  • Oregon

Therefore, I regret to inform you that your lacrosse trip to San Diego will be canceled.

Please know this decision is not being taken lightly but is being made in the interest of the safety of our students.

- Coach Auday