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We had some great fall ball outside, now it is time to get bigger, stronger, and faster. Coach LaHoda and I are pumped for these eight sessions. This is the key for out growth as a team and program. Let’s pack the weight room and work hard as a team. This is the ultimate team building activity. If any player is having any FINANCIAL ISSUES, contact Coach Auday and he will make sure you are able to participate. This will be a non issue. Come join us for the month long blueprint for off season training.

— Coach Auday, Coach LaHoda

Rattlers Fitness Academy: High School Sessions

Register Now While Spots Last- 30 Player Limit!

Rattlers Fitness Academy High School Sessions are for 9th-12th grade lacrosse players looking to take their game to the next level. Coach LaHoda and the Rattlers are thrilled to partner with Monarch Head Lacrosse Coach, David Auday to provide players with unique and progressive workouts that have helped countless youth and high school players exponentially improve their game/athleticism and prepare them for the spring season.

Weight Training is an essential component to high school lacrosse and helps players become explosive, fast, confident, and strong. These sessions will include lacrosse specific workouts that push players to the limit and incorporate strength and speed/agility training.. It is our goal to give players a relentless work ethic that will aid them in athletics and all aspects of life. These sessions will cater to players with beginner to advanced weight training experiences. These sessions are not limited to Monarch lacrosse players and we encourage high school players from all surrounding schools to attend these sessions.

All players will be given workouts to continue their off-season strength and conditioning for the remaining months before the spring season begins.


Time: 5:30pm-7:00pm
October: 25th, 27th
November: 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th

Where: Monarch High School Weight Room (under gym on east side of high school)

Strength Coaches: Coach LaHoda & Coach Auday

Price: $140


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Message from Coach Auday

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse at Sep 12, 2016 9:02AM PDT


We need to have a big week. We are going to continue to work with position coaches and team concepts. We need to increase our attendance to break the 70 mark.

Remember: open throw has NOTHING to do with Saturday Games. We need all YOTES to report and get better. We are upset we did not get enough for three teams for the fall DLC League, this is unfortunate and we were close. However, lets remember this has NO bearing on spring regular season placement. Again, open throw is not dedicated to Saturdays. It will be for everyone and reps in open throw will be the same for all players. On a huge note we want to congratulate two special players for their college commits. We are so proud of them and send out HUGE KUDOS.

Danny Kowalski: Lindenwood University
Sammer Ziady: Colorado College

Coach Auday


We are putting together the Custom Monarch Lacrosse Helmet bulk buy for the season. The helmet is a Cascade R, matte black with a gold chrome facemask. The preseason bulk buy price is $190, during the season the retail price of this helmet is roughly $275.

As a reminder, only varsity players are required to wear black helmets. Non varsity players can wear the helmet of their choice. All helmets must be certified and meet NOCSAE standards.

We can accept check and credit card payments. Order using the link below. Payments must be received by October 8.

Click here to order

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Let's Pack the HOUSE at Open Throw This Week!

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse at Aug 29, 2016 12:46PM PDT


It was a good first week but we can do even better. This Wednesday and Thursday we need to pack the HOUSE. In case some of your friends have not signed up for the website please spread the word.

Open throw will be every Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00-6:45. The fall season is CRITICAL to our success. If you are not out for a sport open throw is a wonderful opportunity for you and this team to get better. The weather is generally great and getting a jump start on the season is a must. We will continue to work towards 2-3 teams in the DLC Elite League. I know pretty sure we will have two the third is still up in the air based on preliminary numbers.

Opening games are September 10th playing regulation games one per team every Saturday. Remember, even if you are not on a team open throw is critical to your growth as a player. My best on the start to your school year.

Coach Auday

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Open Throw Begins Next Week

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse at Aug 16, 2016 7:11PM PDT

Yote Nation,

As the school year begins I want to make sure you have your priorities straight. School, parents, and family always comes first. Translation, treat your parents and family with the utmost respect and do your best in school. The all league academic and all state academic awards are the most important in our program. Get off to a great start and set both academic and lacrosse goals for the year! A few of you kept me abreast of your goals this summer and this really was impressive.

We get rolling next week! We will have open throw Wednesday and Thursday the 24th and 25th and every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the extended future at 5:00 pm. We meet by the back wall of the gym outside of the locker room.

In addition, Friday the 26th we will have our second annual night time full field scrimmage under the lights. Last year it was at the Superior Turf, this year it will be at Monarch next Friday the 26th starting at 7:30 pm. DON’T MISS this one, a great time for families to meet each other and watch their sons under the lights!

Open throw is open to all players. However, if you are out for football or other fall sports we want you to focus on THEM. Many of you have already let me know you are out for other sports and I wish you my best. We will be selecting at least two teams to play in the Denver Lacrosse Club Elite League. I am hoping we add a third team this year. Last year we did a varsity and a varsity b team composed of underclassmen and a ton of freshman. Evaluations will be made during our open throws and full field scrimmage. We want to have teams chosen after the first two weeks of open throws.

Games will be on Saturdays and begin on September 10.

Feel free to contact me for any concerns.

Coach Auday