Coyote Camp - All High School Players

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Jun 20 2015 at 11:45AM PDT in Fall 2015


I hope you are really working hard this summer. I got to see many of you play with your clubs at the Denver Shootout this past weekend, looking good. I wanted to keep all of you abreast of our coming plans. In the next two weeks you will be getting information on our COYOTE Camp coming up in August. At this point, you will be done with your club seasons and it will be a great time to focus on the YOTES. We will be having a three day night camp under the lights in August (most likely the 20, 21, and 22nd or August 13,14,15) We want to accomplish the following:

  • -This year we want two teams in the DLC Elite League. Last year we only were able to do one team, and this camp will ensure the numbers will support putting in two teams. Unlike other local teams we have always played in this league against the best teams like Creek and Regis. We have to get TWO teams in this year. This will give us a head start on getting commitments for both squads.
  • Our goal for the varsity team is to finish in the FINAL FOUR a tough task.
  • Our goal is to establish great team chemistry and hard work! We feel we could have. A special season.l
  • If we can and we should get in two teams this would give us three hard days of work per week. The goal is to have an off season of practices Wednesday and Thursday with games Saturday. Again, this is why we need two teams.
  • During camp we will make sure all players understand our lifting program. We will also get a baseline on squat, bench, and chin-ups. Freshman, don’t worry if you have not lifted this is a great place to learn technique.
  • We will have a meet and greet with parents on the last evening of camp and give everyone expectations for the fall program. A great chance to meet our coaching staff and hear expectations.

YOTE Nation, dates will be firmed up soon, lets take this step towards greatness.

p. “Players are made in the off-season.”