Summer Strength and Conditioning Program

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Jun 05 2015 at 04:50PM PDT in Spring 2015

Yote Nation,

I have been putting our calendar together and have seen that due to so many players in club lacrosse this summer it is impossible to come up with common times to train. We are going to move up our training schedule to early August this year instead of starting in September. This will give us much needed time to get a fantastic team in the DLC Fall League. Additionally, since we will be moving things up there is NO reason that we can’t have a JV team playing local as well. In the meantime I am enclosing an awesome strength and conditioning program that Scott Roberts has created and we have had wonderful results with.

A few notes:

  • Results are best met with 2-3 training partners.
  • This template does not include auxiliary lifts Feel free to add these to your workouts.
  • Make sure all lifts have great form. For new lifters start light, it is important your technique is perfect. In August we will review all techniques.
  • Conditioning examples are provided in this template as well.

Many of you have adopted programs through your other coaches or trainers. I am fine with this as well. Some of you have incorporated some Cross fit as well. The key is WORK HARD.

To conclude whoever you are playing with play with PASSION. If you are not on a team no worries either, hit the wall every DAY. Feel free to e mail me with any strength and condition questions. I guarantee you that the great players get it done in the weight room as well as the field.

The final August and Fall schedule will be out in a week or so.

“Players are Made in the Off Season.”

Coach Auday