How Jerseys Will Be Issued

Posted by Coyote Lacrosse on Feb 24 2015 at 05:49PM PST in Spring 2015

On Monday, March 2nd, each Coyote lacrosse player will be placed on one of three teams during practice time. Before practice begins each player should show up in the Monarch team classroom (across from locker room) as close to 4:00 as possible to provide the following so that they may be issued a jersey at the end of practice.

1) A check made out to Coyote Lacrosse for any balance remaining under the $100 fundraising program. Example: $75 raised through Scrip, Pizza Palz, Safeway Card or King Soopers Card. Balance to complete = $25 Check to Coyote Lacrosse. Again, your son’s fundraising as of Feb 1st has been posted on under the Fundraising tab.
2) A separate check made out to Coyote Lacrosse for your son’s jerseys in the amount of $200. This check will not be deposited or cashed unless your player does not return any part of the issued jerseys. If your player does not return a part of the jersey (but everything else), we will settle up minus the cost of that part which was not returned. DO NOT BRING CASH FOR THIS DOWN PAYMENT.

Keep in mind, the Pancake Breakfast is scheduled for April 25th at the Applebee’s in Broomfield. This is where the next $50 of fundraising comes in to play. Each player will sell up to 5 tickets at $10 each to meet this goal. This amount will not be due until a week before the event. More to come after spring break. If your player has Coyote Credit remaining at that time, you may use it toward the $50 of Pancake Breakfast tickets.

As of February 1st, your player’s fundraising has started over toward the 2016 season. Anything over the $100 fundraising will go toward Coyote Credit which will continue to grow (.50 / $1 raised) toward any team expenses outside of BVSD registration.

We thank you for your efforts.

Brian Tausan
Fundraising Director