Einstein's 8th Wonder of the World

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Aug 22 2014 at 10:09PM PDT in Spring 2014

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.” – Albert Einstein.

Hello again from the Coyote Lacrosse Booster Club. We hope that you and your families have had a great summer. As we return to school and fall sports, we would like to remind you of the opportunities and the success involved with Coyote Lacrosse and our players fundraising. Note that each player has a $100 Coyote Fundraising Commitment; read below to find out how to achieve this with no out-of-pocket expenses.

  1. New Players – If you are a new incoming player to Coyote Lacrosse, and / or know a new incoming player, please alert them of our new fundraising opportunities. The sooner our new players (families) engage spending through our King Soopers Cards, Scrip and Pizza Palz, the less they will pay out of pocket in February. These player are the ones who will want practice jerseys, jackets, and other apparel though the team store. There is no better way to get them paid for than through our Coyote Credit. Refer to Please forward this email to any incoming players and their families you may know.
  2. Opportunity – Einstein provides us with a powerful message that is the basis of Coyote Lacrosse Fundraising. You and your family are purchasing food, fuel, school supplies, office equipment, back to school clothes and home improvement products just to name a few. In fact, you probably spent over $1000 for just these items over the last month. At 5% return toward your $100 Coyote Fundraising Commitment, you could have earned $50! As we get closer to spring trip expenses your extra efforts will be rewarded through Coyote Credit. He/She who understands it, earns it.
  3. Success – We are happy to announce that 10 Players have engaged in Scrip since our last email. Five players are at or above their $100 commitment with King Soopers cards alone. 10 New King Soopers cards have been ordered. Three players are on pace to have $200 toward Coyote Credit (can be used in the team store or spring trip).
  4. What you need to know:

If you already have a King Soopers card and have not used it in the last 30 days, chances are that it has been deleted from the system. You will need to register a new card which we can provide. All previous credit from the old card will still apply. A new batch of cards are on order and will be here Friday afternoon.

We have Pizza Palz Cards. You sell for $11 / each. Purchaser will receive $25 toward the purchase of pizza at Old Chicago. Players get $5 toward fundraising dollars.

Pizza Pal cards will be available at the beginning of the Fall Ball tryouts on August 27th and 28th or upon request. Contact Brian Tausan at to place an order.

Labor Day, Halloween, and the Holidays will be here before you know it. Employ family and friends to use a King Soopers cards, Scrip or Pizza Palz and your Coyote Credit will Compound (Einstein). Their financial commitment………$0.

5. Who you need to talk to for help:

Brian Tausan (Fundraising Coordinator), Phone/Text – 303-638-0554

6. The best place to start –

Thank you on behalf of Coyote Lacrosse coaches, booster club and players!

Brian Tausan