Posted by Coyote Lacrosse on Jul 15 2014 at 02:19PM PDT in Spring 2014

Congratulations! Coyote Nation is working hard in the off season and it’s already paying off for many. A couple of players have already reached their $100 fundraising commitment and are in to Coyote Credit. A few more are well on their way to exceed their fundraising commitment and hit Coyote Credit in July. Here is what you need to know:

King Soopers
1) Register your King Soopers Card number on
2) 5% of Your King Soopers Purchase goes to your fundraising commitment
3) Contact Brian Tausan to get a King Soopers Card if you need to get started or need more

1) You will spend over $1000 on Scrip Retailers This Month. Why not make it work for you now.
2) If your already registered, make sure you have the Wallet App on your phone.
3) If you’re not registered. Find the instructions on

Pizza Palz

1) Easy as Pie….you buy or sell a $25 Pizza Gift Card for $11
2) $5 of each purchased card goes toward you fundraising commitment
3) Provided by Old Chicago
4) Limited Availability during the season.
5) 20 Available now, 100 more available with the month

Two of players have met their $100 Fundraising Commitment and are as high as $ into their Coyote Credit
Over 10 players are on pace to surpass the $100 in July.
Zero players have spent extra out of their pocket

Make your spending count. More now means less in the spring.
For more details about Coyote Fundraising, log onto or contact Brian Tausan at