3/1/14 Scrimmages: final update

Posted by Coyote Lacrosse on Feb 28 2014 at 11:25AM PST in Spring 2014


Arrive, ready to play 815 am, location: Monarch High School

9 am vs Columbine
11 am vs Arapahoe
2 pm vs Castle view

JVA AND C TEAM (often referred to as JVB) SCHEDULE:

Location of games: Castle View High School, arrive by 11:15 am ready to go.

12 pm: Monarch JV vs Columbine (grass-1 field)
12 pm: Monarch C Team vs Columbine (Grass-2 field)
1 pm: Monarch JV vs Castle View (grass-1 field)
1 pm: Monarch C Team vs Arapahoe (Grass-2)
2 pm: Monarch JV vs Arapahoe1 (Turf)
3 pm: Monarch JV vs Arapahoe2 (turf)
3 pm: Monarch C Team vs Castle View (Grass-2)