Get Your Coyote Lacrosse Gear Now!! - Store extended thru January 26th

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Jan 23 2014 at 03:00PM PST in Spring 2014
  • This is the only time that you will be able to order these items for the upcoming 2014 season. Click to Coyote Store
  • All players are required to have a practice jersey (revolution jersey), so please use this opportunity to order now.
  • Players are not required to have the shooter shirt and shorts (S/S loose fit skinz and men’s 360 shorts), however, many players like to have this combination as well.
  • Players uniform numbers will be assigned by coach, no need to complete team number information when ordering.

Any questions, please contact Doug Zwiers, Coyote Team Store Parent Volunteer. Douglas Zwiers Cell: (303) 589-4744