Winter Workouts!

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Nov 12 2019 at 01:06PM PST

The time has come; lifting, agility, and maybe some playing and skills work are right around the corner!

Coach Dorr will be facilitating (I will be there as well) an 8 session team workout from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Monarch weight room.
Sessions begin Wednesday, November 20th and end December 19th; 4 weeks every Wednesday and Thursday starting NEXT Wednesday. One week before Thanksgiving, and 3 weeks before winter break.

Email Coach Auday if you have questions at
We have a small fee to make sure you show up. Scholarships are available, please contact me.

I know some of you have trainers, classes, etc, however, nothing is as lacrosse specific as this and what we get out of this is invaluable!
Those of you that did this last year know what I am talking about. We need to PACK the house starting next Wednesday.

See you NEXT week,
Coach Auday & Coach Dorr