Lax: Important

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Jan 12 2018 at 07:09AM PST in Spring 2017


I am very sorry for this late change, but with the weather outlook so good this coming week we are moving open throw to 6:30-8:30 on the turf for this coming Wednesday and Thursday. With the season approaching fast opportunities we want to maximize our efforts to be GREAT. Parents, please note we will do this weekly and let you know Friday of the week before to let you know. If the weather looks good we will move open throw up all the time like this letting you know the week before. This way we can really work on lax in a field environment. We told the players yesterday and they were ALL IN. The gym is a great alternative but when these opportunities arise we need to JUMP on them. We are proud of our communication and consistency but sometimes adjustments need to be made. As far as the first week, PLAYERS GREAT START. We are working hard to achieve an outstanding season with lofty goals. Continue to make every opportunity in this off season. Before you know it the regular season will be upon us. Turnout has been good, but could still be better. It was great to see some new players to the game! The best part was seeing some experienced players helping them out, this is what make lax a special brotherhood. Lastly, make sure you have gotten your physicals done or scheduled. You can’t miss the first day due to something like this. It is a privilege to be the head coach of such a wonderful community and program.Lastly, lax is not a two day a week thing in the off season. Run, sprint, lift, stickwork, agility, make it all happen.

“Players are made in the off season.”

Coach Auday