Parent Meeting Dec 1st

Posted by Coyote Lacrosse on Nov 07 2016 at 01:56PM PST in Fall 2016

Parents and players-

Parent/Player Face-Off Meeting – December 1, 6pm
Please join us for the annual parent meeting on Thursday, December 1st at 6pm in the Monarch auditorium. This is our one and only meeting so please make sure to attend.

Equipment Drive – Give Back!
We will be holding an equipment drive at the Face-Off meeting, so lets clean house and give back! The gear will benefit Elk Soldier Lacrosse and will be sent to an indigenous lacrosse program in Nebraska. Please donate any equipment you can and give back to less fortunate players of the greatest game. Elk Soldier Lacrosse is especially in need of sticks and helmets, but all gear is appreciated. We need some volunteer help for this event; please contact or text 303-995-9700.

Start Fundraising Now for Team Expenses

The holiday season is just around the corner and many families spend more in the next two months than any other time of the year. Keep in mind that your fundraising and Coyote Credit can grow by leaps and bounds this holiday season. Make sure you are using your grocery store cards for groceries and gas. And make sure you have Scrip for that Christmas shopping. Scrip has everything from Amazon gift cards to Starbucks cards which make excellent gifts. Scrip is probably the most under-utilized method of fundraising, but it can have the greatest compound effect during this time of year.

Incoming players and parents to Coyote Lacrosse should use this opportunity to get started on fundraising. Building Coyote Credit helps purchase equipment, team store items as well as covering travel expenses.

For any questions, please email or call Brian Tausan at 303-638-0554 or . You can also check out our fundraising page Fundraising Webpage

We look forward to seeing you on Dec 1st.