Let's Pack the HOUSE at Open Throw This Week!

Posted by Monarch Lacrosse on Aug 29 2016 at 12:46PM PDT in Fall 2016


It was a good first week but we can do even better. This Wednesday and Thursday we need to pack the HOUSE. In case some of your friends have not signed up for the website please spread the word.

Open throw will be every Wednesday and Thursday from 5:00-6:45. The fall season is CRITICAL to our success. If you are not out for a sport open throw is a wonderful opportunity for you and this team to get better. The weather is generally great and getting a jump start on the season is a must. We will continue to work towards 2-3 teams in the DLC Elite League. I know pretty sure we will have two the third is still up in the air based on preliminary numbers.

Opening games are September 10th playing regulation games one per team every Saturday. Remember, even if you are not on a team open throw is critical to your growth as a player. My best on the start to your school year.

Coach Auday