Happy Holidays

Posted by Coyote Lacrosse on Dec 06 2015 at 05:54PM PST in Fall 2015

Coyote Nation,

Players and families my best on the upcoming holidays. We have the best parents and young men in the state. I have a lot to be thankful as the holidays approach and being the head coach of this program has been an honor and blessing. I wish you nothing but peace, love, fun, restfulness with your families.

Players: Take care of your finals! Like lax you need to finish strong! If you are not eligible at semester this will carry over to lax in a negative way. Your semester grades can make you INELIGIBLE FOR THE FIRST TWO GAMES! Just as important this is integrity and has implications on your future!

Work hard, open throws are right around the corner. We start right when we get back. Stick-work, weight room, conditioning are at the top of the list. The first day of open throw will be rigorous, be prepared.

Don’t even think of making a selfish and foolish decision with drugs and alcohol. I know many high school parties are over the break and this means bad decisions. I know you will make good ones!

Love the game and it will love you back.

Most important, tell your parents how much you love them and SHOW them by doing some random acts of kindness this break. Remember, you are on break they are not and still are working.

All the best,

Coach Auday