DLC Team Update and Open Throw Calendar

Posted by Coyote Lacrosse on Aug 28 2015 at 03:19PM PDT in Fall 2015

What a great few weeks of open throw. I want to clear a few things up: In order for us to get some good open throw practice conditions we will be on the turf at Monarch from 7:00-9:00 pm some evenings. Otherwise, all open throw practice times will remain 5:30-7:15 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays at Monarch. The website calendar is down, we apologize we don’t have practices listed at this time.

9/3, TH
9/15, T
9/22, T
10/1 , TH
10/6, T
10/15, TH
10/22 , TH
10/27, T

OPEN throw will continue to be for ALL players, not just players selected to the two teams. I want every player to have a chance to get better whether selected to play in this league or not. We will look at three teams next year. If you are not selected don’t get down on yourself. This has NO bearing on the real season and what team you make, this is up to you and hard work.

The varsity team will have 22 players. We will have 25 jerseys so three JV Players will be called up each week to play up! This means they will play two games on this day. Due to ACT and some other commitments we have a few upper class men that may miss a game once in a while. This will be a fluid situation of filling the need by position. For example, if we need a pole, a pole will play, same thing for a middie, etc.. Coach Chancellor and Coach Dax will be coaching the varsity team, however you know Coach Auday will be there as well.

The JV Team will have 20 players. The league is trying to have back to back games so we can cheer each other on. Coach Wooldridge and Coach Auday will be coaching this team.

Games begin September 12th.

Teams will not be announced over e mail or on line. I don’t believe in doing this in this fashion. Sorry for the wait, we would rather tell players in person on Tuesday as some players came really close and we want to have a face to face with them as well.

Cost of each team is $125.00 per player. Once told which team you are on please bring in your checks. Varsity checks will be made out to Donald Roane and JV to Collin Wooldridge. Coaches will write one big check to the league.

If you know you can’t play you need to let coaches know as selections have been made. We have a few alternates for each team.

Coach Auday